Welcome to the updated Guide! This listing got its start at the very beginning of the pandemic, when our local small businesses were shuttered and we were all stuck in our homes, wondering where to find provisions.

That very basic emergency listing in March 2020 has now evolved to include photos and greater search capability — so you can plan your winter staycations and find new places in our neighborhoods to explore.

Listings: Search by Category, Cuisine and Location — plus Details such as Black-Owned, Latinx-Owned, Outdoor Dining, or the most Historic small businesses in our area (as defined by having been around for 25 years or more).

Map: For those of you who like geography, start with the Map, and you can search for those same details, then have them graphed out so you can plan your walking or biking route.

We’re now up to more than 200 listings. Know a place we missed, or spot a detail that’s changed? With all the shutdowns and re-openings, we’re doing our best to keep up. Shoot us an email at info@uptowngrandcentral.org if you know of any changes.

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