It’s Hispanic Heritage Month, so we’re celebrating the Latinx-owned businesses here in the neighborhood.

Before World War II, East Harlem was known as “Italian Harlem” and housed some 100,000 Italian immigrants, three times that of downtown’s Little Italy at the time. In the 1960s and 1970s, Latinos, mainly Puerto Ricans, moved in, and people started referring to the area as “Spanish Harlem” or “El Barrio.”

East Harlem has one of the most diverse Latino communities in the city, with sizeable Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican and Cuban populations. We’ve got eateries offering all of those cuisines — plus Peruvian, Spanish and Brazilian, too.

Check out our guide below, or click on Listings or Map and search for “Latinx-Owned.”

El Kallejon (photo credit Evi Abeler)


  1. Cafe Ollin — plus new second location! On Second Avenue b/t 108th & 109th
  2. El Kallejon
  3. Cascalote Latin Bistro
  4. Quesadillas Dona Maty (116th)
  5. Quesadillas Dona Maty (110th)
  6. La Chula
  7. Bistro Casa Azul
  8. El Tepeyac Grocery & Taqueria
  9. Burritos y Mas
  10. Sidewalk Tacos
  11. Taco Mix
  12. El Paso Restaurante
  13. El Paso Taqueria
  14. Hot Jalapeno
  15. La Avenida
  16. Las Delicias Mexicanas
  17. El Aguila
  18. Guajillo Mexican Kitchen
  19. San Agustin Bakery
  20. Mexico Travel / Changaritto del Barrio
  21. Made In Mexico
  22. El Mango Loko
Quesadillas Dona Maty (photo credit Evi Abeler)


  1. La Lechonera
  2. Cuchifritos
  3. La Fonda Boricua
  4. Sprinkle Splash Sweet Shoppe
  5. Capri Bakery
La Lechonera (photo credit Evi Abeler)


  1. Santiago’s Beer Garden
  2. El Nuevo Caridad
  3. Tres Leches Cafe
Santiago’s Beer Garden (photo credit Evi Abeler)


  1. Amor Cubano
  2. Bermudez Bakery
Bermudez Bakery (photo credit Evi Abeler)


  1. Mojo Mousse Bar
  2. Bar Goyana
Bar Goyana (photo credit Cristobal Vivar)


  1. Quechua Nostra
Quechua Nostra (photo credit Cristobal Vivar)


  1. Gaudir
Gaudir (photo credit Evi Abeler)


  1. Pabade (French bakery)
  2. Nocciola (Italian)
  3. Alison (New American)
  4. Barcha (Mediterranean)
  5. Lexington Social (Mediterranean)
  6. Sapoara (Latin Fusion)
  7. CakeBurgers (Burgers / Bakery)
  8. Love Cafe (Cafe / Brunch)
  9. MY NY Bakery (Coffeeshop / Bakery)
Barcha (photo credit Evi Abeler)


  1. Azteca Western
  2. El Barrio Music Center
  3. Casa Latina
  4. Heavy Metal Bike Shop
  5. Fierce Nail Spa
  6. Sathi Nails & Spa
  7. 116th Street Flowers

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